This website is the official Working Equitation New Zealand Incorporated site for information on the sport of Working Equitation in New Zealand.

Working Equitation New Zealand Inc. is registered as a non-profit incorporated society. We have an annual membership structure with the 1st of August renewal date.  We welcome everyone to join us as members to enjoy the benefits of our offerings and also to support the growth of Working Equitation in New Zealand.

The initial committee was elected by the steering committee members in 2019 for a 2 year committee term, tasked with establishing the governing body.  The current committee (2020/21) is comprised of remaining inital committee members and newly elected members. To read about the committee members please see this page.

President – Maree McAteer

Secretary – Kirsty Ansell

Treasurer – John Cram

Health & Safety – Belinda Rodriguez (interim)

Media and Communications – Belinda Rodriguez

South Island Representative – tba

Committee – Kim Cram (assisting Secretary), Emma Kay, David Jackson, Jo Bard, Abby Letteri, Liz Brown, Pamela Thompson.

The WENZ committee would like to thank former steering committee and WENZ committee members for their service: Janette Peebles (President 2019/20), Debbie Freeman (Health and Safety Officer 2019/20), Felicity Porter, and Gaynor Cornick.

The purpose of Working Equitation New Zealand Inc. is to:

To promote and grow the sport of Working Equitation throughout New Zealand though the development and leadership of:

  • Education and training initiatives for all levels of proficiency utilising local, national, and international expertise.
  • An appropriately customised set of Working Equitation Rules for the New Zealand environment.
  • An annual schedule of local, national, and international competitions;

b. To create positive and supportive participation environments for all members, regardless of their riding level, breed of horse or choice of tack and attire;

c. To uphold the principles of classical training and horsemanship by encouraging and rewarding attainment of harmonious horse/rider partnerships which are based on correct and progressive training and which are always mindful and respectful of the mental and physical wellbeing of the horse;

d. Do anything necessary or helpful to the above purposes.