Anyone who is a financial member of WENZ Inc may (as either an individual or as part of a group/committee) organise a training/coaching day or competition in their local area.

Please note that for this event to be covered by our public liability and indemnity insurance and subject to all the other benefits of being a member of WENZ Inc., your event must be accredited with (run on behalf of) WENZ Inc.

WENZ affiliated events are required to follow the Health & Safety requirements which we have condensed into a Health & Safety Checklist.  This document must be sent to the WENZ Inc Health & Safety Coordinator, prior to the start of the event in order to be eligible for coverage under the WENZ insurance policy.  Your event will then be added to our Event Register and the checklist confirms that your event is compliant with WENZ Inc guidelines, policies and procedures – both of which will be required if a claim is ever lodged.
WENZ Health and Safety Manual Version 1.0

Please see the Member Resources page (Members Only) for the Event Organiser Handbook and the latest versions of forms to facilitate your event.

Email your completed H&S Checklist form for your event directly to WENZ at